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Quotes 4.I was arranging many seminars about bible. I know Christian have week education about bible in our country because majority of Christian live backward areas they adopt other religious culture. I want tell true education about bible. We are struggle. Their life change and they adopt true education according to bible and always-live internal life. We are prayer Jesus gives more power our staff and we solved other Christian main problem. And we give tract and bible and Jesus message to other religious, on bus stop and any public place. [email protected] Quotes

Quotes Priscilla Gorven July 26 at 11:37pm Report Its amazing how Our Wonderful Saviour uses His servants to minister to others Facing a crises right now & I read your post which ministered directly to me Praise God & God bless & use u even more Quotes
Priscilla Gorven
Ministered to in time of need

Quotes I haven't told you something else: a few weeks ago I experienced the Holy Spirit physically during and overnight church service here in campus!! and it is something that I had been praying for and about. I still want more of the Holy Spirit in my life; more of His manifestations and more of His power. I thank God for you and your availing of yourself to be used by God as vessel to reach people, maina Quotes

Quotes Hi Prophetess, Pastor Elmarie, It is always an honor and a privilege to hear from you. I have been quite tied up with preparations for the exams - which are starting today. Am really grateful for this message on Prayer! recall that time back when I reached out for your advise regarding Prayer; and how to be consistent, diligent and have prayer as an everyday lifestyle? I still remember that one of the key things you mentioned was to wake up early and spend time with God in the morning. Guess what?? for the past three weeks now, I have been consistently going for the 5 AM morning devotions here in my campus! I never thought I could, considering how early that is, but God's grace has been amazing and He has given me the will, strength and diligence to wake up every morning and spend at least an hour in prayer and fellowship with Him. Quotes

Quotes Prophetess Elmarie, this is the prayer i needed, u have always been a blessing in my life. My life is back into the hot pursuit now.... God chaser.... i am going to pray in this prayer you have emailed me trhough out this month.... Shalom Philip - Uganda Quotes

Quotes 3.i was like magic and believe but I don not learn magic. I was a hate pastor. I dos not like baptize when any body take baptize and I was feel this is joke method .one day I Was feel some think in my mind. someone call me and tell take baptize but I ignore. He calls me again and again but I ignore and six month gone .one day I meet pastor and told I was feel holy spirit they call me and tell me take a baptize. Pastor is prayer for me. And he prayer for many days then he give me baptize when we go on the canal he give me baptize .in this time I was feel some black thing break off my body and my body and spirit fell happy and I was prayer regular and read bible. Two year after I was meet another pastor .he tell me you must join seminary so I was join seminary and take many knowledge and Holy Spirit. Know I see many evil spirits they see me and run way?s I prayer for many people Jesus heal. I am only serving the Jesus. Many times? Quotes

Quotes 2. I want tell you more about Evil spirit. Whom methods is use when they caught men, and I tell you working method of evil spirit and style of thinking but normally they are wondering every way. They rise up in night but some time they rise up in daytime .my mother language is Urdu but I know English. I did not know more English words that use about evil spirit. Some time evil spirit is captures man and women and disturbs all life .I have experience but I share you Next time?s. This experience period was ten years. I was read bible many times and prayer regular? Quotes

Quotes Testimony 1.I was starting read bible when I was schoolboy because I was very interesting in history and social actives .I was read complete bible then I was state again. In this time I feel .I was reading bible first time because bible was very interesting for me. I was read again and again I was complete read bible six times then I was read bible. I was feel some power But I did not know about the holly power. Then I was seen many times evil spirit. I did not have knowledge about evil spirit. I was seen Evil spirit wondering many home. And some old please. Some time I was talk to evil spirit. Special when I went old place, Old building .I was meet evil spirit .she try to talk me. And tell me own name and tell me own history. That was Very interesting but some time evil spirit fellow me when I was a try to sleep. They apparent and talk with me I was read bible and prayer .in this time evil spirit gone? Quotes

Quotes Prophetess Elmarie Jv Rensburg May 29 at 1:12pm IN JESUS NAME I RELEASE HEALTH AND STRENGHT OVER AND IN YOU LEONARD. IN JESUS NAME I LOOSEN YOU FROM ALL FRAILTY AND INFIRMITY. GET UP AND WALK MY DEAR YOU ARE HEALED. LOVE YOU Leonard Anyanwu May 29 at 7:45pm thank u for your prayer prophetess. i'm really healthy and strong now. God has healed me... Alleluia! Quotes

Quotes Hanli du Toit May 3 at 2:58pm thank you for all the scripture's you send to me! everytime it is so spot-on! May God Bless you abundantly. Hanli Quotes