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Alex van Gulden

Joined Apr 21 2010
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South Africa , Pretoria
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I am a Born Again Christian . I have been a Gospel House DJ sins 1997. In the year 1997 in the month of October I gave my heart to Jesus Christ , Before that I use to be the biggest trouble maker you would have ever known . I use to do drugs , drink like a fish , picked fights just for fun of it , sleep around with as many as posible girls that I could get . Me and so called friends use to drive to difrent provinces racing our cars against their fasted cars they would bring . Some times we went down to the track to do our thing there , and then after we been there we would go to some ones house to have a BBQ or just chill and talk about the day's events . One day my and the one so called friend came back from one of these meetings , we picked up a race on the way home . The road we where racing on was going over a mountain , at the base there is a bend not very tight but you could go throught it at a verly high speed . As we came pulled away at the robot all was well , by the time we got to the bend we where doing roughly 120 kmh to 140 kmh . When we where halfway in the bend the cars back side started to slide and the guy who was driving was holding it on the road . at the next momment there was a loud bang the back wheel burst ( We found out later ) we lost control over the car doing a couple of 360° spins while missing the trafice comming down the mountain and the traffic behind us who where going up the mountain . The car slid through a big pole and a tree on either side , the car came to a stand still at the bottom of the mountain side between some tree's . I hurt my neck and was taken to hospital I was to drunk to get realy hurt and that night was out of hospital and in a girls bed . Some weeks later , I went to hospital for a hernia operation , just as I was getting comfortable some old lady's with trackt's came around and handed me a trackt . The trackt name was : a Pray before you go into the operation room . silently I did the pray and promised my self the first time I have the chance to get to a church I would go if all went well with the opperation . A Month or solater when I was fit to drive again I went to church at church the service was good and powerfull , at the end of the meeting the pastor did a outer call asking for people to give their hearts to the lord that the Holy Ghost is speaking to in their hearts . Well That night I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ . Later on a friend in my sell group read a artical in a local news paper about a Christian club that was opening in the erea . I was with out work so I prayed and said to God : if this is for me let it be , if not well ok I will understand . I got to the club and spoke to the owner and his wife ( 2 very nice people ) Well they gave me the Job and I have been with them for the next 2 years running being the resident DJ . hunderds of young people came to the club dancing to the latest Gospel House music , praising God . 2 years after opening they closed the doors to the club , the owners have desided to go mobile and start preaching at the schools and telling the children about drug abuse and satanism . But my path weth them took a turn I had other work to do ( Found a work as Hotel Manager ) and it was getting hard to get to all the meetings and my hours would not alow me to go on any futher . But I still was in contact with them over the years , and still DJ'ing at private functions .

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